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Weed Products For Sale

MFNY MFNY – Honey Banana – Live Resin Vape

1st place winner of the “Best of New England” Competition in 2023; The MFNY live resin vape cart has a terpene-rich profile of our single-source, in-house produced Honey Banana real live resin. We start with fresh-frozen flower buds, then use the hydrocarbon extraction method (plus years of experience and scientific precision) to deliver the purest plant extract. An extract that showcases the strain’s naturally produced full-spectrum cannabinoids and remarkable natural terpenes. The unmistakable banana aroma of Strawberry Banana is well balanced with sweet flavor of Honey Boo; known to promote emotional balance and uplifted mood with long-lasting, invigorating cerebral effects. No distillates, added flavors, or alterations.

Comes in a 510 Cart with recommended battery settings 2.8 – 3.3V. Do not vaporize live resin at higher temperatures, as it can “burn off” the precious terpenes and aromas we are working hard to preserve; higher temps can also cause an undesirable “burnt” aftertaste. Vape cartridge contains concentrated live resin oil that is heated by a battery and vaporized for inhalation. These products are very potent and are designed to be consumed in 2-3 second puffs.

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Tyson 2.0 Tyson 2.0 – Dynamite Cookies – Flower

Whether you’re looking to become the next heavyweight champion or just conquer your morning routine, this strain is perfect to help you stay productive and ready to take on the world, just like Mike. Our Dynamite Cookies has a classic dank smell that explodes with hints of sweet licorice, and you can expect a focused high that hits you right away.

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Ayrloom Ayrloom Up – Orchard Sunrise – Gummies – 100mg

Every Orchard Sunrise means a new day and a new opportunity. We pay homage to our orchard’s 110-year-old history and nod hello to the future with our apple flavored cannabis infused gummies. They combine flavors of our most beloved apples for a crisp and juicy profile. Infused with B3, B6 and B12 for an extra boost!

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1906 1906 – BOOST – Tablets – Pouch

Introducing the super clean precision edible. Use it alone as a fast-acting high or to boost up your favorite 1906 experience.

Boost is a fast-acting easy to swallow pill containing either 5mg or 10mg THC. Available in a variety of sizes including a Discovery Pouch 2 pack, and 100mg Tins and Pouches.

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Smokiez Smokiez – Sour Blue Raspberry – 100mg

Edibles are created either by infusing cooking oil or butter with cannabis extract, or by mixing extract directly into other ingredients. Because edibles are digested and absorbed by your stomach and liver, the activation is often longer than other consumption methods, taking on average 45 minutes, and sometimes up to 2 hours. It is important to start low and slow when consuming edibles so you don’t over do it. Take extra caution to ensure edibles are out of the reach of children.

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Rove ROVE – Bellini Vape Cart

Cannabis vaporizers are a great way to consume discreetly and consistently. Vape cartridges contain concentrated cannabis oil that is heated by a battery and vaporized for inhalation. These products are very potent and are designed to be consumed in 2-3 second puffs.

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Dank – Megan Foxxx – Preroll

Rolled up and ready to smoke, Pre-Rolls are a convenient and effective way to consume cannabis. Pre-Rolls come in many different forms and can be rolled with flower, shake, “b-buds”, infused with concentrates, and more.

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