Smacked Village Dispensary Reviews

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • Destin Smith
    03/13/2023 05:17 PM
  • John Smith
    03/09/2023 03:44 AM
    5 stars. Interior was professional. Staff was polite and patient. Prices are reasonable. Product was good quality and as advertised. Comfortable and quick experience. Parking was meh, but not anything unexpected.
  • Alycia Rockey
    02/18/2023 10:36 PM
  • Adrian Corona
    02/16/2023 11:05 AM
    Smacked Village was an enjoyable place to visit. It was a short walk over from Housing Works, and their hours allowed for a later visit after housing works had already closed. There was no line however pickup options are available online. Inventory is similar to Housing Works I enjoyed my visit and will be coming back.
  • Brandon J. Lloyd
    02/12/2023 01:46 AM
    Good selection, great staff. More on the expensive side, but goes to a good place. Will be back and looking forward to the renovations.
  • Christian Mollica
    02/10/2023 02:27 AM
    The staff at Smacked is great, really knowledgeable and were eager to help me make selections! Will definitely be coming back.
  • Nina L
    02/07/2023 12:59 AM
    Wonderful experience, warm welcomes from everyone, great products, service, creative items and space. All about doing good work, support people impacted by the unjust war on drugs. It's a start. Welcome to the neighborhood!
  • Colleen Owen
    02/04/2023 06:36 PM
  • turnip K
    02/02/2023 11:51 PM
  • Brian Partridge
    01/31/2023 03:30 PM
    Do you have an email and phone number so I can reach out to you.