Brand: Theory Wellness

Lemon Fuel Vape Cartridge


ALL PRICES INCLUDE TAX Lemon Fuel is an evenly bred hybrid with an earthy, skunky citrus aroma and a flavor profile of lemon, fruit, and wood. It may begin with an initial euphoric lift and burst of energy, though this heady buzz could feel somewhat unfocused. It may also provide a relaxing body sensation that could become sedative in nature. Theory's High Potency cartridges combine strain-specific, live cannabis-derived terpenes with highly refined THC extract. Our unique and proprietary blend balances potent effects with an unadulterated taste of flower for an unrivaled vaping experience. Serving Size: 5mg | Total Servings: 200



About the brand :
Theory Wellness

The Theory Wellness brand is an in-house signature collection of flower, edibles, vaporizers, tinctures, concentrates, topicals, and more. All Theory Wellness products are artfully crafted for a premium cannabis experience and are available at any of their medical and recreational dispensary locations in Massachusetts and Maine.



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